About – C4 Architects Adelaide and Griffith

C4 Architects was established in 2003 and during this time has established itself as an Architectural Practice with expertise in consultation, masterplanning and design in regards to delivering high quality buildings across all contexts and often in remote and regional areas. We have design experience across a broad range of building types that include Commercial, Residential, Health, Administration, Education, Tourism, Sporting and Recreation. Our extensive industry experience makes C4 Architects a low-risk, expert and creative team well equipped provide customised architectural and consultation services to your project.

C4 Architects are focussed on a commitment to achieving innovative, contemporary design solutions, with a particular emphasis on utilising Ecologically Sustainable Design principles for all projects. Particularly, C4 Architects members have significant experience across a wide range of Australian Environments & cultures. This includes the severity of the tropics of Darwin, to the remote desert regions of central Australia, which has resulted in both the construction of, and a passion in delivering ‘good regional architecture’ appropriate to the Australian climate & lifestyle. International travels & studies through Asia, Europe, UK, USA and being involved in winning international design competitions add to the backbone & expertise for the team.

Lead by Brent Dowsett, C4 Architects have a core staff of 5 members, comprising four Architects and one Landscape Architect, with over 50 years of combined experience. We have a network of Australia wide contacts that expands with the flexibility to assemble a design team that meets specific project requirements. This includes a professional Landscape Architecture service that can be integrated with all projects as well as computer generated 3D modelling. Our smaller company structure has proven time and again that a small, well informed team can consult, design, produce and manage construction far more efficiently and with better design outcomes when clients require a far more individualized and boutique response in terms of their architectural and building vision. That’s why we have been commonly approached by larger corporate, institutional and local government clients to provide our ‘hands on’ customized service to accommodate their unique needs that is often not possible with larger practices. We have developed a reputation for being able to talk, meet, consult, present at any time as our clients enjoy being able ‘work with the people actually designing’.